What to Avoid When Hiring and Using a Skip Bin

Do you want to do your neighbours a great favour? Then pay attention to how you handle your waste. Dirty neighbourhoods are a nuisance. They not only create eyesores but also expose everyone to the risk of grave diseases such as cholera and typhoid. Skip bins are the best option for anyone looking to deal with their waste professionally and safely. However, paying for a skip bin and delivering it to your home is no guarantee that you will handle your waste properly. You need to avoid these things when using it.

Filling the Skip beyond Capacity 

Today, skip bin providers prioritise your safety by making sure that you should not overfill the skip bin. Your skip bin comes with clear indications of its highest capacity. Some even have marks to show the level beyond which the waste should not surpass. If you overfill the skip bin, you risk injuring the people who will be handling it. To add on that, you can also be fined heavily for breaching local authority requirements regarding handling and disposal of waste. 

Going for a Small Skip 

Small skip bins may seem to offer a great savings plan. However, going small may mean that you have to do a couple of trips to get rid of all the waste that you want to dispose of. Therefore, a service provider charging you for every trip they make will cost you more compared to a case where you hire a large skip that only requires one trip. Ideally, you should always match the size of the skip bin with your waste,

Burning Your Waste 

Burning seems to be a good solution for anyone that wants to reduce the amount of waste they put in the skip bin. However, burning the waste beats the essence of hiring a skip bin in the first place. Burning materials such as plastic and polythene release harmful gases into the atmosphere. Essentially, burning harms the environment and you should not use it as a way of reducing the amount of waste that you put in the skip bin. 

Putting in Hazardous Chemicals 

Avoid putting harmful chemicals inside the skip bin along with other kinds of waste. If you have to get rid of harmful materials such as asbestos and corrosive acids, notify your service providers so that they can arrange for specialised removal services. Don't put people at the risk of injury for the sake of saving a few coins. 

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