3 Reasons Why Recycling of Demolition Waste Is Gaining Popularity By the Day

As more demolition jobs continue to be performed across Australia, the biggest concern for most people is: where does all the waste generated go after being picked up by the various skip bin rental companies operating in the country? Traditionally, demolition waste has been taken to local landfill sites. However, waste disposal businesses have had to look for other ways of disposing of the waste so as to minimise its environmental impact, including increased conversion of productive land into landfill sites and more carbon footprint. 

In recent times, waste recycling has presented itself as a feasible way of reducing the environmental impact of sending demolition waste to the landfill. Keep reading on below to find out the benefits of recycling waste picked up from demolition sites. 

Reducing landfilling activities

Every year, large volumes of solid waste from various sources or properties are taken to landfills. There are concerns that if this trend continues, more acreage of land will end up being turned into landfills. With this in mind, perhaps the most notable benefit of recycling demolition waste is that it minimises the need to make constant trips to the landfill. Large volumes of solid waste separated at the source or at a waste transfer facility will be transported to a waste recycling facility instead of the landfill. This leads to fewer landfilling activities, which is critical for land conservation and preservation but also helps lower carbon footprint.

Reusing valuable materials

Some of the demolition waste traditionally destined for the landfill may have some useful life left in them. Metals can be recycled and used as raw material for the manufacture of new metal products. Likewise, concrete and bricks can be crushed and used as road base. By recycling recyclable demolition waste, waste recyclers extend the lifespan of otherwise 'useless' materials, but also reduce the demand for new materials. This promotes value addition in the construction and demolition industry.

Reducing the cost of construction material

Generally speaking, used car parts are generally cheaper to buy compared to brand new parts. In the same vein, recycled construction material is cheaper to buy compared to new construction material. Hence, recycling of demolition waste helps provide a cheaper way of acquiring materials needed for construction purposes.

To be part of the waste recycling movement, you should hire demolition waste bins from a business that recycles waste. There are many bin providers across Australia that recycle waste, so it shouldn't be hard to find a company you can partner with. 

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