4 Considerations When Selecting Construction Skip Bins

The large number of garbage removal companies has led to an increase in the range of services which clients can secure from these companies. People planning to start construction or renovation projects can, therefore, secure construction skip bins which were specifically designed for their needs. This article discusses the key considerations which you should have in mind when selecting construction skip bins.

Waste Type

Think about the different kinds of waste which are likely to be generated during your project. Will most of that waste be soil? How much compactible waste do you anticipate generating? You can ask for bins which are best suited for the wastes which will be generated during the construction or renovation project. Order a skip bin for general construction waste in case you aren't certain about the need for specialised bins.

Volume of Wastes

Think about the different phases of your project. For example, people who are conducting a renovation project may have a phase that entails demolishing a section of a structure and then another phase which will entail building the extension or modification. Those different phases are likely to generate different types and amounts of waste. Try to estimate the possible quantities of rubbish so that you can select bins which will carry that rubbish.

Waste Management

Do you have an onsite waste management plan? The skip bins which you hire should be suitable for implementing that plan. For example, people who intend to sort the waste into different categories (recyclables and those to be landfilled, for example) have to get different bins for collecting those different kinds of rubbish. Those who won't do any sorting can get one bin into which all the wastes will be placed.

Possible Restrictions

The selection of construction waste skip bins should also bear in mind any restrictions. For example, how much space is available for bin placement and removal? Smaller bins may be better suited to congested sites. You may also consider hiring skip bins from a company which can deliver bins, have them loaded and have them taken away on a daily basis in case large volumes of rubbish are being generated. Some companies may not be in a position to handle such a requirement, so find out the capabilities of various service providers before you sign any contract.

Involve a rubbish removal professional in the process of determining what your needs are so that you can select the right construction waste removal company.

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